Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Quick OOTD !!

Hey lovelys, still was a beautiful weather today, Just had a walk  and took some pictures .. Thought I should share with you guys :)

Between  ....20 followers.........YIPEE....I remember when I had none at all......Thanks alot Lovelys...Have an amazing week ahead .. :) 

Till my nxt post!!
Ofure .B xx

Monday, 28 May 2012

Last day of Final Exams woooh !!!!

Hey guys...so I finished my exams today, it was a tough one but yeahh I pulled through ....All thanks to God ..The way I left the exam hall smiling hard like today aint gonna end...Hahha!! I went gaga!!..I almost flinged my question paper over my Invigilator's head Haha! too much excitement..You cnt blame me......The thought of that freedom keeps Jingling  in my head, eventhough I still got my project presentation next week...ohh well, for now am all over the place...lol..Really cant remember the last time I had proper time for myself.wooohh.The sleepless nites has finally come to an end ...YIPEEE!!!! .These are pictures of what I wore today ..it really defined my mood ...Leopard prints and a vintage white top ..I hope you guys likee :)

                           I super love this shoes.....Even summer couldnt resisit it .Haa! 
                                     You guys wouldn't believe how much weight I've lost :( 
                                                                Happy people :)
I went to this ''REAL CHINA'' Restaurant with a couple of friends..The food was overlly delicious.The way I kept receiving compliment  from the silly friends cos I went for another round lool.unlike my usual self !!..The food was just way too nice to have just my normal bird (In my big mum's voice) food portion ..Lol
Amazingggggg..........I finished this and even went for more....Hmmm d consequences awaits me tho..haha.....It was really a lovely day for me and I hope it was same for you guys !!.........
                                             Have a wonderful week ahead guys....
                                                        Till my nxt post 
                                                        Ofure .B.xx

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Miss Spirit of True Beauty 2012

Hey Dolls, I hope u all are good and enjoying the summer break and the  lovely weather :)..I decided to make this quick post  about my  little cousin's beauty peagent (Miss Tilbury) which I missed, because I had to sit for an exam that same day....Tut Tut :(!!but thank God for some really cool sources ..:D + She's really been on my neck about me posting this on my blog..Lol ..Below are some of the pictures ..I hope you guys enjoy :)

                                                                   First outfit  :)
                                              Emma looking absolutely Georgeous :)
                                                     Emma doing her thing :)
                                                               2nd outfit                                       
                                                               Third  and final outfit 

                      I absolutely love this creamy dress she definately rocked it  with the shoes :)

                                                       Emma and my friend Elsa :)
                                                   Some great Dancers :)        

 Also guys, a picture of  homemade Chinese I made myself :) yeaahh I love making  foods .. One of my hobbies  :). So I've only  got just a paper left which is on monday and also marks  the beginning of summer for me woohh  !!! :) 
                            Till my nxt post guys and  have a lovely weekend/week ahead  ........:)
                                              Ofure .B xx


Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Day out with Elsa..:)

Yaaay...didnt know I was gna post real soon ..hehe ..I hope you guys are good . So I found out my Lil cousin is going for the  Miss spirit of True Beauty 2012 on friday ..I had to go Lakeside  with my friend Elsa to check out some nice  dresses and  accessories  for her. Hmmm...we saw so many nice dresses  in QUIZ and LIPSY..Hopefully she'll pick from the dresses we put  on hold for her :) ...Also, Found out some mega sales going on in some stores.Jheez...Dabenhams, Lipsy, Quiz and the thought of me having more exams to write really gets me depressed ..buh yeeahh..less than 2weeks Then I'll be free like a bird..really cnt wait :).

Trust ..I love this plim soles..too comfy for my existence..Haha!
Elsa  and I..nuff laughs with her..Lol 

So my Exams have been going on well ..All thanks to God hopefully it finishes well :)..Really cnt wait to get done and keep doing more of this and hope to post on the beauty peagent if I decide to go with her .I hope you guys have a  lovely week ahead and Goodluck to  all still writing exams :) 
Till my nxt post guys 
Ofure .B. xx

Saturday, 12 May 2012

FamilyThing :)

Hey guys, hope you all been good. It was quite a beautiful weather today and it was also my little cousin's holy communion :) so I had to put  up this quick outfit + I found this pink pant my Mum got for me sometime  ago and I decided  to match it up with a denim jacket I got on sales from £18 down to £5 wooh who doesnt love sales..hehhhe...I also decided to put up some of my family's pictures for you guys to see some more outfits...I hope you all like :)

                                                            My Lil Pumpkin Congrats hun xx
                       Emma, my 13yr Lil cousin in her lovely purple long sleeves :) (I  kno shes quite tall 5''9 )
       My other Lil cupcakes doing their ting with the Doc Martens and Dereon bag by Beyonce :)

                  Diana rocking the Leopard print dress,DKNY bag  with her lovely Kutch Geiger shoes :)

                                                            Diana and I :) 

Also, I got some of my main course grades yesterday and I'm super excited about it :D ..God is awesome. So my first final exams starts this monday till the 28th of this month and I hope you guys will bare with me as I wont be able to post until I'm done with my exams.....Till my nxt post guys 
                                             Have a lovely weekend/week ........
                                                    Ofure .B. xx

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Curvy Bee+Wish-lists !!!

Hello guys, Happy new month...:) and  hope you all are kool ..been a very busy week for me  but am so happy dissertation stress is finally over (Life of a medical student whew*)..woop and preparing for my Final exams but jus  had to  allow the books for some hours....

I've always wanted to post this recent  pic of Beyonce (My Curvy diva)..bet am late ..ohh well ..If you know me, u'll know have  got this mad love for Beyonce :)..She inspires me alot with her fasion sense ..We all know Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and other celebrities have curvy bodies and all.. but the main reason why they stand out on the red carpet isn't jus because they wear georgeous dresses  but because they wear  the right dresses and accessories...Jus the way  Bee  flaunts her curves here with her Christian Louboutin shoes and Alexander -Mcqueen clutch :) 

Alexander -Mcqueen Clutch and Christian Louboutin's platform shoes
I absolutely love everything about this outfit ...Simple and very georgeous and Bee rocking it with her curvy body  makes the dress even more beautiful...I just love the fact that the outfit looks so effortless and gorgeous with the accessories..Cnt wait to meet this woman somedayy :D

I also thought I should show you guys my newly found babies I recently added to my wish-lists ...I came across this lovely platform shoes hulalala...Love dis babies cnt wait to have them :)
Lamb-spring platform shoes :)
This is absolutely gorgeous ...I love the colour and all + looks so comfortable and most definately cool for summer :D

Jeffrey Campbell plat-form 

Aint this baby cute???  ..looks different from every other Jeffery Campbell shoes...Will definately go with any outfits...:) These are my recently found babies and hoping to have them soon :D..Please let me know what you think about the shoes...:) and  big shout  out to my followers..means alot, hope you all have a wonderful wk ahead :)

                                     Till my nxt post
                                        Ofure B xx