Thursday, 29 March 2012


Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Finally I decided to show my blog some love..woooh
Been procastinating about starting a blog for way too long because I barely had time for myself due to my Murderer course at Uni (Biomedical science).LOL..In my finals at the moment and gonna be graduating this summer woooooh its Emosh ..All thanks to God ..Its been a tough Journeyy, but God been there all d way :D

This is my first ever post  and I'm briefly gna introduce myself........I'm a very shy person, always happy even when things are not going right...U cant read my emotions through my face...its always hideous..I laugh alot.........I laugh so hard that sometimes I forget myself hahha! My friends says am crazy and mad lively...:)

Yeaahhh I got food problem....I barely remember to eat WIERD yeeeeh but  true......I always have to be reminded at times that I have to take my breakfast/lunch/ dinner Thank God for wonderful family and friends hehhe ...Its nt a medical problem doe...Jus a habit I would say..hehhe .

To be honest am way  too blank atm due to dissertation and courseworks  stress + am new on this thing...and hoping to keep u posted ...Bye for now guys and have a lovely weekend  xx!

Ofure B xxx


  1. Can't wait to see your posts!
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    1. Aww tnks alot hun..very soon!!..been too busy wiv dissertation ur blog btw :) x

  2. wheres the button to follow you? :)