Friday, 28 December 2012

Boxing Day----- Neon

Quick outfit of what I wore for shopping spree with my cousins on boxing day...Nothing serious..casual and very simple and If you want to learn how to make quick Puff-Puff (one of my favourite snacks). Please kindly look out for my next post and I hope you all are having a great holiday....:)

Quote of the day: Many people have a tendency to compare themselves to others and see how they measure up. This is just ego. You will never find peace this way and the best satisfaction is improving yourself daily ....TRY IT.. :)

Lots of love,

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

My lovelys...Just want to take this minute to say thank you all for all your wonderful comments and supports..You guys are simply amazing and I hope you all had a wonderful Xmas like I did ..hehe..Funniest Xmas I ever had ..I spent Xmas this year all by myself due to my own self carelessness (Let's not go in details loool) but nevertheless, I enjoyed myself alone, was so so fun, No one calling Ofure, get me this, get me that ..haha! (If your African, you'd know what am on about lol).

As I write this post, I'm super exhausted from the shopping spree with my cousins ..funny and sick day...I just want to grab a cup of tea and just lay in ma bed *yawn*...So I'll be posting my outfit of today soonish...:)

Quote of the day: Imagination is everything....Its a preview of life's coming attractions. Go ahead, its alright, imagine greatness for yourself  :)

Lots of love, 


Top- RiverIsland
Hem Skirt- Ebay
Shoes - Gift from my bigmum
Belt - Primark
Necklace and Anklet - Newlook

Sunday, 23 December 2012

2 in 1---------->My hair done did by ME & Recent Mini Hauls

wooooohh..Let me hear sum one scream XMAAASSSSS....Lol...guess am bare gassed tonight..haha! So this post is 2 in1  which is about my Xmas hair I made myself and the random things I recently got...I bet some of you already know how Xmas can be so boring in the UK..hmm! But I  think spending it with my hilarious large family  will definately make my day (Xmas with them is never boring..haa! Nuff food .aww I can't wait to add some weight from Xmas foods Eventhough I would love to spend my Xmas this year, with friends but too sad we don't get transport on Xmas day here..

Okay!!   ..I made my Xmas hair myself Lol (I'm in no way a professional, I just whatever I can..) Normally, I would go to the salon for special Xmas hair, but I just decided to play around with it myself and I would really love to know what you guys think about it in the pictures below...:)


No make up....!!
Hmm..This was like a punishment ..took me upto 3:30hrs/mins but was worth it at the end though! :)
Make up ..

Definately not what you think...:Just being vain  :)


The smell of this cream is so so heavenly..#obsessed 


1. Teg Leopard Fur Gillet  - Pilot
2. Britney spears (Believe) body cream - The Beauty store
3. Ash camouflage leggings - Pilot
4. NYX powder in Honey beige - The Beauty store
5. Charlie red body spray  (Revlon) - Super drugs

I hope you all enjoy the post and I wish you all a wonderful Xmas in advance...Happy holidays lovelys,

Lots  of love,

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

50th post......Westfield Night out :D

Shalom greetings  guys...I really hope you all are doing good and preparing for  X-mas......I miss you all...been away for too long, even though it's just a week plus since I last posted...I have been so busy with my work placement and all..Its  been  taking  most of my time and the way the day goes dark really quickly ain't even helping matters...But I'm happy am fully back now..I'm on my X-mas break..wooohh!!!...Is sum one excited about Xmas as much as I am??( it's my real cool 'JC's (Jesus christ) birthday yo!lol).That amazingg man that loves me endlessly despite my sins. hehe... I still cant believe 2012 is finally coming to an end...We thank God..The year has been really challenging but I'm thankful for all still...:)

So I was at Stratford west field on Monday night with one of my gorgeous friends. We had such a great time together and its so sad I couldn't spend enough time with her as I wanted due to my busy schedule..Well, Nevertheless we had fun and I hope you guys  like the pictures...:)

I know...she's a poser..Lol  Thats what Models do ..hehe :)


Quote of the day: In the end, it is important to remember that we cannot become what we need to be, by remaining what we are - Max Depree

Okay, I'll stop here for now and please check back for my recent mini hauls and I hope you guys enjoy the rest of the week..Lots of love and Kisses...

Ofure. O.