Friday, 29 June 2012

A Little Letter to MAMA !

Dear Mum, Today is supposed to be your 46th birthday, but God took you away from us for a reason best known to him and we dear not question his doings...Guess what Mum??? I'm growing up, looking so much like you...*coversface* and am now a graduate of Bsc Hons Biomedical science, not just a graduate, but a graduate with a perfect degree you would have wanted me to have and my graduation is few weeks away :D, I know if you were to be here, your gele (head gear) would have been on the next level..Lool..

Mum, it hasn't really been easy without you, but God has always been there and sure you're also looking down on us smiling and happy to see your beautiful children progress in life...I always see you dancing and dining with the angels and that dream keeps me going, knowing you're in a better place.
Mum, hahhhahha you remember all those jokes you used to tell us and  mimicking people and stuffs and Uncle Ayo would fall on the floor, laughing and crying like a baby..hahhhaa...Loooooooool..You were just too good at it, with you in the house there was never a dulling moment, I miss all the shopping, those lovely dresses, shoes etc. guess wat? I still have some of them and I refused dashing them out, eventhough they no longer fit me well, I decided to keep them for my daughters IJN...Let me stop here mum, cos so so much has happened and cant type it all........HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY MUM,YOU'RE GREATLY MISSED ...............You'll alwayssssssssssss remain in our hearts............LOVE YOU FOREVER MUM <3 <3 :* xx

Mum and Daughter :) 
Have a lovely  weekend guys and never seize to appreciate your mother when you have the oppourtunity to do so.Trust, you'll never know how much she means to you, until she's no longer there for you.................:)

Your Lovely Daughter ,
 Ofure .B.  xx

Monday, 25 June 2012


Just thought I would show you guys how I did the shorts in my previous post ..!!
P.S please check out for more  pictures here DIY Shorts :)

                            Lovely week ahead guys  :) 
                               Ofure .B. xx

Sunday, 24 June 2012

DIY Shorts

Hey Lovelys,I hope you all are good..I've sudden  fallen in love with African prints on Denims, so I decided to make one for myself from one of my old jeggings I got tired of wearing  due to boredom and I ended up loving it ..Lol...I hope you guys will like as much as I do..
P.S It only took me about 10 to 15mins and I used thread and needle  for the sewings due to lack of sewing machine :)  dont really need one for this tho..!!
One of my lovely friend got this boots on sale for me..Went all the way from £18 to down to £ abt good bargain :D

Caught slipping..Lol

Whenever you feel down and you feel like giving up..This song will sink positivity into you and keep you going ..It never gets old .:)

Big thanks to all my old and new followers ..I really do appreciate all your comments ...God bless xx

Till my nxt post Dolls 
Have an amazing week 
Ofure.B xx

Sunday, 17 June 2012

The land is Green !!

Hey guys, Finally a bit of sunshine without  rain, eventhough it didnt last for long...ohh well, I was bare excited & went to chill out at the park yesterday and in the process, lost  my precious Necklace :(..Still hoping a good samaritan will miraculously bring it to my house! I really  don't care how he/she gonna know it's mine or find my yard...I just need that miracle to happen!! Loool...
Some pictures

Lol..Sweardwn this was for a dog  I saw ...Lol..I proper hate dogs,,argg!

Top - Random/DIY
Leggings/gold rings- Primark
Green Ring- Market
Loafers -Market
Bracelets/Earrings- Ebay

Till my nxt post..
Have a lovely week ahead Guys !
Ofure .B xx

Saturday, 16 June 2012

New + old Haul !!

Hey Dolls, hope you all are good...So, I decided to do a mini blog haul on few things I've purchased in the last couple of weeks and the ones have had for sometime now. I  taught I should  show you guys since I haven't had the opportunity to show you guys before...So here are the pictures...:)

Shorts - Jane Norman

Retro high waist pleated mini pompon skirt - Ebay
Vintage Tote Handbag- Ebay
Leopard multi-element bracelet - Ebay
Necklace - Debenhams 
Bhcosmetics 88palette shimmer Eyeshadow here

This product is fabulous and the  colours  are magnificient  The colours are well pigmented, you only need to apply little  primer and it  gets on the brush so easily.I find it so easy to blend and its also long lasting.If you love eyshadow, I recommend this for you p.s you'll always find sales going on on their websites and trust me they are so worth the buy....great bargain :)

Bhcosmetics Office Queen & MUA Lip gloss in shade4 & Revlon Lipstick in Twinkled  pink
This Revlon lipstick is like my everyday  lipstick...I use it with either my MUA or bhcosmetics office queen lip gloss...It just gives that perfect nude pink colour I like  and its also well shimmering ..

NYX Black Label Lipstick in 107 Garnet
I would rock nyx lipsticks anytime anyday..they've got really nice products and am so much in love with this Luxurious lipstick because its glossy &
you don't need  lipgloss on it ..its just goes on nice on its own and its also like my everyday lipstick :)

I hope you guys enjoy the post and feel free to ask me anything .
P.S.. I''ve just  been featured on this lovely blog by Chloe of Fasheauty...Please kindly check it out as it is my first feature ever ....  LINK..
Do have  a lovely weekend guys, 
Till my nxt post <3 xx
Ofure .B.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012


So, I've been stucked under my duvet lately, due to the sick  UK weather, haven't really been out of my house for some days now..It's quiet annoying, because it  just  wouldnt stop raining all day, I really hope the weather changes for good and make my summer break a fun one..So, I decided to post something  different from my usual posts which is about the  movie called 'Tango with me'' directed and produced by ''Mahmood Ali-Balogun'.I'm very sure most of you have  heard about the movie, especially if you  love Nollywood movies like me :).It's an award winning movie in the UK and Ireland that has been secured by a UK based distribution company known as TALKING DRUM ENTERTAINMENT, specialised in black movies. 

The movie   has been set to release on the 17th of August, 2012 and will be viewed in most of the cinemas in the UK before being shown in other european countries which I also cannot wait to see...It's a romantic movie about a couple with trials and tribulations in their early marriage and also with complex  moral issues.


If you love romantic movies you should definately watch out for this as it'll be one of the widest releases for an independent black film and the first nollywood movie to achieve international distribution on such a scale :)
                                        I hope you guys have a lovely week ahead
                                               Till my nxt post Lovelys,
                                                   Ofure .B. xx

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Poster Presentation/End of UNI ♥

Hey Lovelys, Hope you're all enjoying the summer break..surprisingly the UK weather is alot better compared to the past few days ...Woooh ..Today is sure a memorable/fun day for me .My project presentation went well and I'm finally done with UNI :D......Just waiting for the graduation which is next month....I'm super excited ..So everyone was asked to dress casual/smart for the poster presentation .:) and  I found this blazer I hardly ever wear  and paired it with my pretty T-shirt my Mum got for me ages ago and my DIY tie ( hope you guys  like :) 

                                                                  Some pictures

I got so much compliments for my Tie..hahha lol

                                         I and some coursemates :)
Please let me know what you all think about my Tie..Lol...I hope you guys have a alovely weekend ahead .
Till my nxt post Dolls
Ofure. B. xx
Blazer- (Dad gt it )
Shoes- Newlook
Tie- DIY
Geeky glasses-Ebay
Trousers- Gift from my cuz
Nail polish - Gosh
T-shirt (Gift from Mum). 

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Mum I still have the Flora Skirt ...:)

Hello dolls, I hope you all are kool & enjoying the summer break  just like I was before the weather decided to show up its other side..I decided to go church today after a long while and Just wanted something really simple. So,  I found this flora skirt that has been in my wardrobe for years quite suprising  how it still fits me so well, shows how much weight have really lost :(  .Also, One of my Aunties decided to do some practice with  my hair and came up with this fringe hairstyle which I don't so much like and really can't wait to take it off (Hope she doesn't see this doe had to please her by still having it on
                                                          Some Pictures :)

Just clocked how serious I was here..Truss the weather wasn't so nice at all..Just wanted to take the pics and leave ..:)
So I thought I was gonna go for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebration and decided to wear this comfy wedges which I ended up not going, just couldnt bare the rain .!
Excuse my dry hands lol
Church was amazingly Awesome .......Had fun and saw some of my friends haven't seen for long and also learnt that The wisdom in me is the manifestation of Glory....
Till my nxt post lovelys 
Have an amazing Summer ahead :) xx
Ofure .B. 

Top - DIY
                Skirt - (Gift from Mum)
      Wedges - Random
                        Bangles- Newlook & Topshop
Ring - Gift 
   Earrings- Primark