Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Wooh..Hey guys sorry for the lack of posts...Hmmm...Been mad busy with finals + my dissertation got corrupted and had to start all over...I felt like d ground shoulda swallowed me straightup...worst nightmare ever...buh the good thing was that, I  had it  written somewhere in one of my  books  before typing (God just loves me) so I only  had to type 8,000 worth of essay all over again....ohhh well..It was worth it still ...Now I'm smiling again...:D 

I barely do anything at the moment its just Uni.... coursewrks, Dissertation and Exams.cnt wait to be dne doe ...its quite depressing but it'll definately worth  it at the end .. So, I was just too tired of the books and  decided  to share my  randy Uni outfit with u guys since I've not had the time to post any outfit .....So this gna be my first OOTD post...I hope u all like :D..

I'm usually not d ''all black'' person...buh I would say I found myself in it ...(I barely see dis days!!Lol )

Final's exams at the corner and I'm gonna be doing lotta readings and all but I hope to keep u guys posted still ...Hope u all have a wonderful week and Goodluck to all writting Exams :) xxx........

                                                    Till my next post 

                                                    Ofure.B xx

Sunday, 8 April 2012


Hey guyssss..sorry for the lack of posts ...Uni aint given me nuff time to post  like I mentioned in my previous post. But I came across this lovely and emotional  poem by my friend (Lauren James) and  decided to share with you guys..Please kindly check out her blog at  lolojames.tumblr.com and I hope you all enjoy it ..our God is ever faithful ..He's the reason for the season and as he has  risen,  may we also rise with him  Amen ....:) 

Many years ago I held my breath inside my mother’s womb, for hours we fought, as I raged wanting to get out! Until finally, Wednesday 28th February 1990 at 18:50 I arrived in this world; a world were apartheid came to an end and the importance of being married, before having kids, was frowned upon.

 A world were my father loved my mother and no one could decide my name, I just laid on her breast waiting to be fed and to make sense of this world, which was soon to become my world; my existence, my worry, my fear, my anger and my joy.

Back then I knew little of my purpose and what I was to do in life and why we were here… because all that mattered was playing and getting dirty, no concern existed! 

My family and I moved around, my mother soonleft my father, as if she tolerated the torture! It was because of her children, that she stayed in a broken home, I know now generational curses follow if not rebuked with the name of Jesus Christ.

 I praise God I learnt this early, I had managed to observe my life through Gods eyes— Gods eyes are His words to us— His 66 books of love in one abode.

We never hit the poverty line; however we were close to the boarders. My mom and I spent most my 

childhood in and out of hospital, from car accidents to pneumonia and then eventually it just became her. 

remember the first time she told us she had cancer, her words were… “Don’t cry as if you care” something along those lines. 

We weren’t disobedient children but sometimes we had our own agenda.

I always wanted a family of my own, and prayed that my mom would be around to look after them but as I got older, the more and more she disappeared out of our lives, to one day me giving up on her survival. She fought her battles, her demons and enemies!

I lay down defeated as tears caress my face, beaten but not broken, humbled by grace. 

I have come tounderstand what it takes, I write to you at my weakest point. 

Anger holds nothing useful but the outrage of thunder, held in frustration I wish to go under but God keeps me afloat. For He said “I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. (John 14:18)”! Therefore I take refuge in His word, solitude in His love and mercy to walk in peace.

                            Happy Easter people  and have a lovely week ahead!!
                                         till d nxt post ....
                                          Ofure .B.