Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Iro (Tulip Style) and Dress as Top

Hey Lovelys ...How are you all?? Happy New month !!
I'm sure you all are good and keeping it real hehe..
I miss you all ..Settling down here isnt that easy yet for me ...lol
Anyways, I decided to share my outfit to Church on thanksgiving Sunday with you all ...Although some of you have seen it on my Instagram (@Ms_verse)  You can buzz me on there between.
I went in with my Velvet wrap and my Mahima dress (as top) from asos ..
I absolutely love the outcome of this and I hope you all do too :)

Btw, It was my first time of tieing my wrap in a tulip style ...How did I do?? hehe 


 Do have a lovely week ahead  lovelys ........
Lots of love, 
Ofure .O.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

That very good Sunday + A LATE BLOGIVERSARY

Hey Lovelys ...
I hope you all have been great and having a lovely week ..I had to create time out of work to make this quick post of  my outfit last Sunday to Church as I'm trying so hard not to leave the  blog for that long again..

If you've been following the blog, you'd notice I also wore the same dress HERE  on my birthday.


YAAAAYY!! The blog is  2years on the 29TH of MARCH ...I want to use this medium to appreciate you all...Thank you so much for your constant love and Support...We've all come a long way and a Family it has become .I'm so proud of all of you and thanks for following all the wayy!! ...I can remember my first post HERE I was  all about the place trying to introduce myself after a long and boring day at Uni ..hehe.

Between, sorry I lost my Camera in the process of packing while relocating...So, I'll be  making  use of  my Android Phone /Ipad for now  while I get a new and better  Camera. Please bare with me ..:)


Do have an amazing and fulfilled week Bunnies ..
Lots of love 
Ofure O.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

My Best dressed Females at AFRICA MAGIC AWARDS (AMVCA 2014)

Wooh!!! Been a while here ...
How are you all?
I hope you all are great and enjoying the new year ...Just clocked I didn't get to wish you all a prosperous new year. Its better late than never ...Happy new year my lovely followers and beauties...I absolutely miss you all...

I've so many updates for you all but let's keep it slowly as am working on it and would be back very soon for that ...I had to create time out of work to  share this quick post with you Guys ... I'm totally salivating on these gorgeous dresses worn by these beautiful ladies at the "Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards" ...They are giving me so much life right now  ...I'm sure you all gonna like it too ...Enjoy :)

Please let me know your best of them all ...

4, 5


N.B ..These are in no order ....:) 

My favorite of them all is No1 (Rita Dominic) She never disappoint me ...She knows what suits her and understands her body perfectly... ...The red dress is effortlessly gorgeous on her...Overly flawless..

So which is yours???

I wish you all a blissful week ahead ...stay stylish and beautiful ....xx
Lots of love ...
Ofure .O