Friday, 27 September 2013

Quick Update!!!

Hey lovelies.. I know  I have been MIA for a while now.I apologise for that..I have been really busy with life as I have currently relocated to  Nigeria for my youth service (some work experience thing we have to do in order to be able to work in the country).. so its like a new life for me at the moment...trying to cope with my new environment and its really not been easy especially now I barely know my way around.. But it feels good to be back home with  the loved ones after 6 good years . The network here is super bad and I'm only managing to make this post on my phone..I hope you all bare with me till am fully settled here 😊

Tuesday was my birthday and I absolutely enjoyed my day with few of my old friends such a great reunion..

The bf and I seeing after 6yrs :)

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Do have a great weekend lovelies....
Lots of love,
Ofure .O.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

New Month....Oleku..!!

Happy new Month Lovelies..I can't believe  the fruitful month (9th month)  is here again.Time sure flies and Yayyy It's My Month! ...It's going to be my birthday in 22 days ..wooh!! September babies are just super Fab like that..Lol

Back to the business...Yesterday  was first Sunday of the Month which happens to be thanksgiving Sunday  and I've always wanted to pull off this look called ''Oleku'' (We Nigerians call it that) It's simply means ''a loose blouse and a wrap skirt''..This gorgeous..permit me to repeat that..''gorgeous'' ensemble came at the right time..I mean right time because it's  my Month and I had no option but to  rock this lovely outfit to Church ...Everyone couldn't stop preeing (Excuse the slang!!) ..Lol..I hope you all like and please let me know what you think..:)

 Have a wonderful week ahead Dolls..
Till my Next post, 
Ofure.O xx

Monday, 26 August 2013

Multicultural day - Me in WuraFola Designs (WF)!!

Hello Lovelies, 
I hope you all are good ..

Yesterday was Multi-cultural day in Church and everyone had to adopt a country..Hehe..I obviously didn't adopt one  but sticked to my Country (That's still adoption isn't it?lol ). Anywayz, I had on my WuraFola (WF) dress given to me by the lovely Wura. (I featured her on the blog not long and you can check it here if you missed it) ..I have the  love/hate  thing  for flare dresses and  skirts but this was exceptionally, almost like love at first sight  plus I hadn't worn any flare dresses in such a long time and this was a great choice for a conviction .I just love the prints and  how she mixed bit of denim and ankara together at the edges .Creative isn't??  ....!!
                    Paired the Gorgeous dress with my lovely black  Sandals from Just Fab for a little tone down

Dress/WuraFola (WF); Sandals/Justfab; Clutch/Primark
Check out Wura's blog (She's got some new great stuffs on there you'd like..)

Do have an amazing week ahead Sweeties..
Lots of love...
Ofure .B

Quote of the Day :Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being positive about what could go right.

Monday, 19 August 2013

The Stranger knocks back-- New look !!

Hey Gorgeous MVT readers...I hope you all are good and having a great Monday so far..This is kind of a due post but its never too late..I'd be showing you Guys my new look which I achieved myself (from beginning to end)..All of a sudden I started having this crave for braids and I thought I'd wait a little bit more till my hair gets to about 4 months (You all know I shaved off my whole hair hehe) ..I did wait and I finally made the braids myself ..It took me about 10 hrs without breaks .So I'd be showing you few pictures I've recently taken with the new look..I hope you all like and let me know what you think :)

This was when I just finished with the hair..I swear my hands and head wasn't the same after this...Lol

Patiently waiting for myspecial platter hehe.

Caught slipping lol

You could tell my photographer was horrid ..Lol..I really can't complain still..I've  got to manage her for now until I get another ...Hahha..Hope she doesn't see this..Anywayz...Have a great week ahead lovelys...

Quote of the Day :The only disability in life is a bad attitude

Enough Love,

Friday, 2 August 2013

A very Randy day!!

Wow...I feel so guilty ..I've not been here in a long time..I'm even tired of giving excuses but trust me Guys, there are lots of things going on at the moment..But I intend to keep it private for now but will definitely give you the whole details once I'm free and done with it ...Woohh...So how have my lovely People been??I hope you all are enjoying the Summer break..As for me, Its a lot better compare to last year..Funny enough, the weather has been super duper amazing here which i least expected this year...hehe..I hope it last longer tho..

I  had to squeeze out time to take few pictures of my random outfit I wore shopping with a Friend ..I'm sure some of you would have noticed I've been on some midi business dresses seems to be doing it for me this's not only comfortable, but also versatile...Also, you all already know I love my scarfs too..hehe...Everyone is been asking for tutorial on how I tie my scarfs..I'm definitely working on
that and can't wait to share with you guys..:)

Ohh yhh..I love

I hope you all like and thanks to those who checked up on me..I really appreciate.You guys are far too kind..God bless you all for the support...I hope you all have a Fabulous weekend ...
Till my next post Lovelys,
Ofure .O

Quote of the day :If you stand for nothing, You'll fall for anything..

Monday, 1 July 2013

I bring to you......WURAFOLA !!

Hey Guys, I hope you all are well and having a great day...Its that time I introduced to you one of my Gorgeous  Friends  Wuraola Afolabi popularly known as WuraFola (WF)...Wura is a  multi-talented young Woman , aspiring fashion designer  and  a fashion fanatic based in London and she's also into Photography.I admire her hard work and skills a lot and I love to give her those compliments because I believe she deserves  it all and even more than that ..Shes one of those People you suddenly fall in love with once you get to meet her...I've always wanted to make this post but guess this is the right time because I get  to show you more of her recent works  I fell in love with and I hope you all do too :)

Wura says : 
Wura in WuraFola Designs..I love love this dress .:D
I picked up sewing in Summer'10 and it's been uphill from there(Thank God).. I was blessed to have a tailor who kindly let me shadow him for a few weeks.. I learnt the basics of freehand sewing from him and built on the knowledge in practice from then on.. 

For the past year, I've been making clothes; some are my original designs and others are just a recreation of already made designs.. It's been an amazing ride and I'm ever so grateful.
Bride's maids 

Prom dress

Prom Dress

And yess! She also made this beautiful Culotte playsuit for the Gorg upcoming singer ''Rachael Krr ..I absolutely love of my Favourite from her :)

Isn't she amazing?? Let me know what you all think about this young talented Woman and tell me which of the outfits is your best..hehe...

Please Kindly follow her blog at for more Updates and Questions ...

Enjoy the rest of the week Guys,
Lots of Love