Friday, 2 August 2013

A very Randy day!!

Wow...I feel so guilty ..I've not been here in a long time..I'm even tired of giving excuses but trust me Guys, there are lots of things going on at the moment..But I intend to keep it private for now but will definitely give you the whole details once I'm free and done with it ...Woohh...So how have my lovely People been??I hope you all are enjoying the Summer break..As for me, Its a lot better compare to last year..Funny enough, the weather has been super duper amazing here which i least expected this year...hehe..I hope it last longer tho..

I  had to squeeze out time to take few pictures of my random outfit I wore shopping with a Friend ..I'm sure some of you would have noticed I've been on some midi business dresses seems to be doing it for me this's not only comfortable, but also versatile...Also, you all already know I love my scarfs too..hehe...Everyone is been asking for tutorial on how I tie my scarfs..I'm definitely working on
that and can't wait to share with you guys..:)

Ohh yhh..I love

I hope you all like and thanks to those who checked up on me..I really appreciate.You guys are far too kind..God bless you all for the support...I hope you all have a Fabulous weekend ...
Till my next post Lovelys,
Ofure .O

Quote of the day :If you stand for nothing, You'll fall for anything..


  1. Hello! You look fab in these pictures. The way you tied your scarf looks very cute with the dress.

    Haha. I love plaintains too! I'll be expecting you back :)

  2. Hot hot hot , love your outfit xx

  3. Lovely lovely outfit! Can't wait for the tutorial on how to tie scarves! I'm always struggling!

    Temi xo

  4. I love your dress and the scarf suits the outfit well

  5. Gorgeous dress! ♥ ♥ ♥
    The colour looks great on you.
    Waiting patiently for the scarf tying tutorials.

  6. You always look amazing in bodycon dresses! Love this one with the headwrap.

  7. Gorgeous dress! I love it and I love your style. I must say that it is the bomb dot com

    ❤Crystal Michelle

  8. ofintos how can i reach u hun
    ur no. isnt going through
    reach me sweety

  9. Hay,
    bei mir läuft grade eine Blogvorstellung, würde mich freuen wenn du mitmachst :-)


  10. wow! Awesome! Love your style

  11. Woww gorgeous dress drear!! I love the colour, I will definitely be purchasing a similar midi dress like this for this years summer.

    amani xox