Tuesday, 24 April 2012


Wooh..Hey guys sorry for the lack of posts...Hmmm...Been mad busy with finals + my dissertation got corrupted and had to start all over...I felt like d ground shoulda swallowed me straightup...worst nightmare ever...buh the good thing was that, I  had it  written somewhere in one of my  books  before typing (God just loves me) so I only  had to type 8,000 worth of essay all over again....ohhh well..It was worth it still ...Now I'm smiling again...:D 

I barely do anything at the moment its just Uni.... coursewrks, Dissertation and Exams.cnt wait to be dne doe ...its quite depressing but it'll definately worth  it at the end .. So, I was just too tired of the books and  decided  to share my  randy Uni outfit with u guys since I've not had the time to post any outfit .....So this gna be my first OOTD post...I hope u all like :D..

I'm usually not d ''all black'' person...buh I would say I found myself in it ...(I barely see dis days!!Lol )

Final's exams at the corner and I'm gonna be doing lotta readings and all but I hope to keep u guys posted still ...Hope u all have a wonderful week and Goodluck to all writting Exams :) xxx........

                                                    Till my next post 

                                                    Ofure.B xx