Sunday, 17 June 2012

The land is Green !!

Hey guys, Finally a bit of sunshine without  rain, eventhough it didnt last for long...ohh well, I was bare excited & went to chill out at the park yesterday and in the process, lost  my precious Necklace :(..Still hoping a good samaritan will miraculously bring it to my house! I really  don't care how he/she gonna know it's mine or find my yard...I just need that miracle to happen!! Loool...
Some pictures

Lol..Sweardwn this was for a dog  I saw ...Lol..I proper hate dogs,,argg!

Top - Random/DIY
Leggings/gold rings- Primark
Green Ring- Market
Loafers -Market
Bracelets/Earrings- Ebay

Till my nxt post..
Have a lovely week ahead Guys !
Ofure .B xx