Sunday, 23 December 2012

2 in 1---------->My hair done did by ME & Recent Mini Hauls

wooooohh..Let me hear sum one scream XMAAASSSSS....Lol...guess am bare gassed tonight..haha! So this post is 2 in1  which is about my Xmas hair I made myself and the random things I recently got...I bet some of you already know how Xmas can be so boring in the UK..hmm! But I  think spending it with my hilarious large family  will definately make my day (Xmas with them is never boring..haa! Nuff food .aww I can't wait to add some weight from Xmas foods Eventhough I would love to spend my Xmas this year, with friends but too sad we don't get transport on Xmas day here..

Okay!!   ..I made my Xmas hair myself Lol (I'm in no way a professional, I just whatever I can..) Normally, I would go to the salon for special Xmas hair, but I just decided to play around with it myself and I would really love to know what you guys think about it in the pictures below...:)


No make up....!!
Hmm..This was like a punishment ..took me upto 3:30hrs/mins but was worth it at the end though! :)
Make up ..

Definately not what you think...:Just being vain  :)


The smell of this cream is so so heavenly..#obsessed 


1. Teg Leopard Fur Gillet  - Pilot
2. Britney spears (Believe) body cream - The Beauty store
3. Ash camouflage leggings - Pilot
4. NYX powder in Honey beige - The Beauty store
5. Charlie red body spray  (Revlon) - Super drugs

I hope you all enjoy the post and I wish you all a wonderful Xmas in advance...Happy holidays lovelys,

Lots  of love,


  1. LOL at special xmas hair. You did good hun. I love the colour and the curls look really festive. Merry

  2. Haha girl you look cute :) Merry christmas!

  3. I wish you a wonderful Xmas Time :)



  4. Love the hair! It looks really pretty! Those camo pants are beautiful too! I really like your blog! I'm glad that I found it! It would be nice if you could stop by my blog sometime too (I'm from England) as I post my outfits, personal style, likes and much more :) :)

  5. U did grt. I knw how hard it is to do ur own hair. U look so innocent wifout make-up.

    Now followin ur blog, care to follow bk.

  6. I hope you had an amazing holiday! Happy New Year to you!