Saturday, 7 July 2012

Quick OOTD :)

Ma hair is in a proper mess,  so cant be bothered to take it out yet ..p.s I'm thinking of  going on low cut ..:)

Hey Dolls, Laziness has  taken the better part of me lately, I find it so hard to get out of bed and even walking  to kitchen to  get food  is a big problem to ME......yes!! it's that bad .. Lol!..I just hope I'll be able to keep to time of  my new retail job :) . I had no idea of what  I was meant to wear to work as it was my first day at work. P.S... I was  being lazy to fix out what to wear !!. So, I decided to go on casual  :)  .

SONG : One of my Fav  songs ... defines ME at the moment ......:D 

Have an amazing weekend guys,
Ofure .B. xx


  1. Great outfit!! I've been so lazy too, i have no idea why! The weather doesn't help haha! I think a short cut would look so nice on you :) ! x

    1. Thanks luv...I kno aiit..!!
      p.s I'm proper lazy at seating down to get my hair done..:)

  2. Cute polo! xo

  3. great photos!

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  4. Love your shirt and polo! I'm just as lazy nowadays. Smh