Monday, 8 April 2013

UPDATES: New look and all...!!

Wow...Its been  like forever again, I won't try to give any excuse about me being MIA this time..All I can say is, I've  been busy with life in general as usual and every little break I get, I use it to get enough rest and lazy about.....I really hope you guys have been good  and had a lovely Easter break..

 I'm just going to brief you guys about my New look ....So,I had a big trim of my texturised hair and decided to start all natural without any chemicals on my hair as I've got really light and tender hair...Anyways, I achieved that aim for about one year and half and after, I found out my natural  hair became  so  tough due to the undergrowth.... I decided to texturise it again to make it softer  not knowing I was doing more damage to the hair..My hair kept on breaking and one of my hair stylist friend advised me to brave it and get a proper Michael Jordan haircut Bald haircut)  and start  afresh...I wasn't too sure about this because the way I pictured myself in that look  wasn't too encouraging ..Lol

To cut the story short, I finally made up my mind and shaved off my hair since I've always wanted to get a hair cut  ...It's been two weeks now since I shaved it off and its a bit grown now..Each time I  went out, I get lots of stares and lots of compliments...To be honest, at first I wasn't too sure about going out like that...but then, I did and now am used to the New look....So, let's see how it goes....

Would really love to know what you guys  think about the new look ....

and I hope you all  have a lovely week ahead...

Lots of love
Ofure.O .


  1. WOW! That was sooooo damn brave of u!
    I've been ranting on how I would love to cut my hair but deep down I'm kinna scared that I might not like d result (I think I've got a big head under d hair,lol).
    But gurrrlll! U r rocking dis look. You look lk a model!
    Anyway, "once a fyn geh, always a fyn geh".

    1. You talk too much everywhere ... Kissing ass everywhere. Hian

  2. WOW! You're rocking dat hair...I wish I could wear that look too. u look beautiful!

  3. Wow!!I smiled so wide when I saw dis pix.u r so brave and I'm happy the look suits u.very nice

  4. omg!!! I wouldn't have guessed you will butyou pull it off well
    love your top

  5. When I saw a preview of the picture in my blogger dashboard I almost yelled! That was so brave, I wish I had done this when I decided to return natural, life would have been much easier now (it has been such a troublesome experience to trim my relaxed ends myself). One thing is sure, girl you look G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S! You have such a pretty face and nice head too so you definitely rock this look and you know it's going to grow so don't worry even if sometimes you feel weird.

  6. Love the new hair, it really fits you. You look so edgy. Cute Flo tee . x

  7. I LOVE it!!! You look fab and you have such a pretty face :-)

  8. It brings out your face very well but i must say you care very very brave! :)

  9. That's very daring of you to go for that look! But sometimes we all need a bit of change...I love the style though and the florence and the machine is really cool :D

    Even I haven't blogged in ages lol....reason being my net connection was too slowwww!

    PS; We're following each other on gfc, but I heard it was closing soon ): So I was wondering could we follow each other on bloglovin and google plus too? I already followed you on bloglovin, let me know if you have google plus so I can follow you there too ^_^

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    Have a great evening!


  10. I love your hair shaved, it really suits you! And your style is amazing

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  11. This is not an easy look to pull off but you are rocking your hair very well.
    Glad you took the bold step to have healthier hair.

  12. Oh wow Ofure!! You chopped off your hair! Now we can see YOU! I love it you don't have a big head like me so you pull it off. It brings out your beautiful eyes more. Welcome to the natural hair journey!!! I didn't do a big chop off like you though, you're very brave!
    All the best,

  13. cool prints on your top! i'm totally loving your big cross earrings as well <3
    would you like to follow each other on bloglovin'?

  14. Thanks a lot Ladies...
    @Brenda..You're such a Joker...Loool...I'm sure you can also pull off the look:)
    Thanks btw girl x

  15. You're rocking the cut the best I've seen thus far. You're gorgeous!!

    Miss Daja