Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Day out with Elsa..:)

Yaaay...didnt know I was gna post real soon ..hehe ..I hope you guys are good . So I found out my Lil cousin is going for the  Miss spirit of True Beauty 2012 on friday ..I had to go Lakeside  with my friend Elsa to check out some nice  dresses and  accessories  for her. Hmmm...we saw so many nice dresses  in QUIZ and LIPSY..Hopefully she'll pick from the dresses we put  on hold for her :) ...Also, Found out some mega sales going on in some stores.Jheez...Dabenhams, Lipsy, Quiz and the thought of me having more exams to write really gets me depressed ..buh yeeahh..less than 2weeks Then I'll be free like a bird..really cnt wait :).

Trust ..I love this plim soles..too comfy for my existence..Haha!
Elsa  and I..nuff laughs with her..Lol 

So my Exams have been going on well ..All thanks to God hopefully it finishes well :)..Really cnt wait to get done and keep doing more of this and hope to post on the beauty peagent if I decide to go with her .I hope you guys have a  lovely week ahead and Goodluck to  all still writing exams :) 
Till my nxt post guys 
Ofure .B. xx