Saturday, 26 May 2012

Miss Spirit of True Beauty 2012

Hey Dolls, I hope u all are good and enjoying the summer break and the  lovely weather :)..I decided to make this quick post  about my  little cousin's beauty peagent (Miss Tilbury) which I missed, because I had to sit for an exam that same day....Tut Tut :(!!but thank God for some really cool sources ..:D + She's really been on my neck about me posting this on my blog..Lol ..Below are some of the pictures ..I hope you guys enjoy :)

                                                                   First outfit  :)
                                              Emma looking absolutely Georgeous :)
                                                     Emma doing her thing :)
                                                               2nd outfit                                       
                                                               Third  and final outfit 

                      I absolutely love this creamy dress she definately rocked it  with the shoes :)

                                                       Emma and my friend Elsa :)
                                                   Some great Dancers :)        

 Also guys, a picture of  homemade Chinese I made myself :) yeaahh I love making  foods .. One of my hobbies  :). So I've only  got just a paper left which is on monday and also marks  the beginning of summer for me woohh  !!! :) 
                            Till my nxt post guys and  have a lovely weekend/week ahead  ........:)
                                              Ofure .B xx


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  1. great post!!

    the food looks nice...very nice! how about giving me the recipe please?!