Saturday, 12 May 2012

FamilyThing :)

Hey guys, hope you all been good. It was quite a beautiful weather today and it was also my little cousin's holy communion :) so I had to put  up this quick outfit + I found this pink pant my Mum got for me sometime  ago and I decided  to match it up with a denim jacket I got on sales from £18 down to £5 wooh who doesnt love sales..hehhhe...I also decided to put up some of my family's pictures for you guys to see some more outfits...I hope you all like :)

                                                            My Lil Pumpkin Congrats hun xx
                       Emma, my 13yr Lil cousin in her lovely purple long sleeves :) (I  kno shes quite tall 5''9 )
       My other Lil cupcakes doing their ting with the Doc Martens and Dereon bag by Beyonce :)

                  Diana rocking the Leopard print dress,DKNY bag  with her lovely Kutch Geiger shoes :)

                                                            Diana and I :) 

Also, I got some of my main course grades yesterday and I'm super excited about it :D ..God is awesome. So my first final exams starts this monday till the 28th of this month and I hope you guys will bare with me as I wont be able to post until I'm done with my exams.....Till my nxt post guys 
                                             Have a lovely weekend/week ........
                                                    Ofure .B. xx


  1. cute outfit, love your trousers - lola x

  2. love the leopard and denim together! Chic outfit!

  3. Hi, love your blog would love to see you following me at Happy blogging!

  4. you're really pretty :) btw, I'm having a 100+ Follower Urban Decay Giveaway! I hope you enter :)♥

    1. Aww..tnks alot darln!!sure I'll :)